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Commercial Lines

These are insurance covers that are suitable for business, from small medium enterprises to large companies. Each policy is crafted in a way that will suit the needs of each organization irrespective of which industry or sector it falls within.

Accident and Liability, Bonds, Engineering, and, Fire classes.

Under Accident classes, we can look at the following type of policies but not limited to;

Inland Goods In Transit - this is cover for transportation of goods from one point to another, including loading and offloading.

Burglary / Theft – this is cover for insured items following a forceful or violent entry or exit to the property.

Money – this is cover for money (cash), cheques, safes or strong rooms, money orders etc. Money in transit and seasonal increases are also catered for under this cover.

Plate Glass – this is cover for plate (internal or external) glasses plus mirrors including sign writing as well.

Business All Risks – this covers movable items of the business like your cellphones, laptops, etc.

Group Personal Accident – this cover will compensate the director or patner or employee of the insured in the vent of death, permanent or temporary disability, medical expenses resulting from an accident.

When it comes to Fire Insurance we cover the buildings, plant, stock and material in trade, fixtures and fittings, the perils covered include fire, explosions, can be extended to cover power surge, natural disasters, impact, and malicious damage to insured property.

Liabilities Classes;

Public Liability - covers damages which the insured shall become legally liable to pay consequent upon accidental death of or bodily injury to or illness of any person or accidental loss of or physical damage to tangible property which occurred in the course of or in connection with the business.

Employers Liability – it the legal liability of an employer for death, injury or disease sustained by an employee in the course of employment.

Professional Indemnity – provides an indemnity in respect of legal liabilities for accidental death or accidental death or bodily injury or damage to property or financial loss to a consumer of the services of professional arising out of negligence of the insured will performing his duties as a professional.

Fidelity Guarantee – this is cover for the employers against losses arising from embezzlement, misappropriation or dishonesty of employees.

Directors and Officers Liability – it covers losses resulting from legal action brought for alleged wrongful acts of the directors and officers.

Umbrella Liability – this is top up cover for sums that exceed the underlying limits of indemnity under the initial covers.

As the country’s economy is growing especially when it comes to infrastructural development as evident by the number of construction projects that are taking place. Lidwala also offers Engineering policies which include Contractors All Risks, Plant All Risks, Machinery Breakdown, Electronic Equipment, Erection All Risks, Deterioration of Stock, Civil Engineering Completed Risks, and many more.

Lidwala Insurance Company provides Bonds and Guarantees namely Financial Guarantees, Construction Bonds, Customs Bonds, Court Bonds, Bid Bonds, Performance Bonds, Retention / Maintenance Bonds, Advance Payment Bonds.

A need analysis was conducted and it was evident that most Swazis are dependent on agriculture as a means of making a living, and as Lidwala we are proud to have come up with a solution in form of Agriculture Insurance in the event of a loss. This product covers farmers from the different agricultural sectors, as we have Livestock cover, Crops cover, Sugarcane cover, Farm Implements cover.

Even though we are a land locked country, Swazi company do trade with overseas partners or counterparts and thus from time to time the will be a need for the them to be shipping gods from country to another. We do offer Marine Insurances covering the both cargo and hull, consignment and the vessel (ship) respectively.

Motor vehicles have made our lives easier in modern times, moving from point A to point B stress-free. Lidwala offers comprehensive (Theft, Third party liability, Fire, Accidental damage to own vehicle) motor insurance, under the following policies;

Motor Combined - this cover for private vehicles, commercial vehicles, motor cycles, trailers, special types.

Motor Fleets – more than 20 units

Public Insurance Transporter Plan – covers the vehicle and the fare paying passengers

International Trucks (Horses) and Trailers – this is specially designed policy specifically for this kind of vehicles.